A family-based advertising agency, doing the usual stuff ad agencies do, such as:

graphics & design, audio-visual content creation, promo item manufacture, event management & production and whatnot that people need but hate paying for...

Audio Visual Works.

Right now (yes… talking about fighting-the-virus limitations) basically the same as usual. Apart from the event management and related stuff, obviously. Unless the gvmnt changes its mind again.

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Graphic Design

Anything you can imagine. From tossing off a simple drawing to creating and managing complex projects, applicable anywhere, anytime - from low volume hi-end-finish business cards to on-line multimedia. In the end of the day, it all comes down to the good old proven pair - thinking (out of the box) and making (it come to life).

Audio-Visual Works

Although a part of complex advertising services, this is still a separate category as far as the production team is concerned. People and equipment required to achieve high-quality results (animation, promotional video, corporate presentation, you name it…) is the key here. We have both.
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Promotional items & Gifts

Gifts. Promo items. Another group of services combining "it all" yet standing a bit aside. We don't believe in "catalogues" of promo items. No can't do. We’d rather create a unique “something” for you. We search and adjust specific items to your specific needs. If this is your way too, please get in touch. We’ll have fun.

Event Management

Event creation & management. No matter how big or small your event is to be, we can take care. Cultural, social, corporate, sports, private… Full service. And tons of fun guaranteed.
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